Prevention Services

Outreach Services

Condom Ambassador Program – The Positively U, Inc. Condom Ambassador Program is a core component of Positively U’s objective to distribute 50,000 condoms annually. As an agency that serves both youth and adults, Positively U seeks to identify key community partner venue spaces where, condom distribution is needed and appropriate.

Community Health Team- The team is staffed by trained outreach educators and HIV test counselors who can provide a range of HIV related services, including: HIV risk reduction education, safer sex materials, harm reduction information, HIV counseling and testing, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia testing, and referrals to other needed services and resources.

Free HIV/STI Testing- Positively U offers FREE HIV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia testing, along with treatments for HIV and STIs at little or no cost. Regularly getting tested and knowing your status are key components to HIV/STI prevention and keeping you and your partners safe. If you’re in need of a test, contact or visit one of our locations located in Tampa and Winter Haven, FL.


Tampa, Winter Haven & Miami Locations

Monday-Thursday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Last Test Conducted at 3:30 PM)

Visitors arriving after 3:30 PM who do not have an appointment will be offered to schedule an appointment.

Walk-ins are welcomed.

FREE condoms are available at all locations.

Prevention Services


Enrolling in the PrEP program is simple and can provide peace of mind around sexual expression. PrEP is the use of a once-a-day pill that is highly effective in reducing your chance of contracting HIV when taken as prescribed.

Questions about PrEP? Check out this PrEP FAQ!  

Think PrEP is right for you? Schedule a consultation today.

Prevention Services


Care services are specifically coordinated for newly diagnosed individuals or individuals who have been out of medical care for over a year. The goal is to link people to care. We aim to assist individuals in taking control of their health by helping them access the resources that they need:

  • Benefits Assistance
  • Foods/Nutritional Supplement Assistance
  • Health Insurance Navigation
  • HIV Medical Care
  • Emergency Housing Assistance
  • Individual & Group HIV & Health Education
  • Medical Appointment Escort
  • Prescription/Rx Assistance
  • Specialized programs available for women and youth